Especially when it comes to an increasingly aging and working population, trying to understand and select the best options not only with private insurance but also with Medicare and public health benefit options; the professionals at Bost were extremely knowledgeable about benefits, presented them as kind professionals and they engaged with each employee to help them understand what benefits would best meet their insurance needs for themselves and their family.

Dave P. - MCO Transport

The staff at Congregation Beth Israel have been working with Corey Lawson to establish and administer a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) for the past six months. Corey is very responsive to our questions and to employees needing assistance with their paperwork. He is knowledgeable about the rules and regulations but isn't afraid to admit when he needs to find out more information - then actually does it and gets back to us immediately. And he has a good sense of humor and just rolls with it when there are problems, working to figure out the quickest, cleanest way to resolve any bumps in the road. It is such a pleasure to work with Corey. He has managed our account with the utmost professionalism and patience and has been incredibly generous with his time and knowledge.

Anita B.

As so many of us know, signing up for Medicare can be confusing and scary. In all my communication with Corey Lawson he has held my hand every step of the way, with clear, thorough and easily understood explanations. I am so grateful and will be recommending him to all my friends!

Krista W.

Ms. Lawson was very knowledgeable and professional. She explained things in layman’s terms which was very helpful. We felt very comfortable in discussing our situation with her. Ms. Lawson was very explicit and followed through to the end.

Anita D.

For the past 2 years, Corey Lawson has been helping us navigate the complex web of Medicare and Social Security. We have met with him personally on numerous occasions and over the telephone frequently. He always makes himself available to us and is always super helpful, knowledgeable, insightful and kind. In short, he is a gem and we are ever so grateful to have him in our lives. We would recommend him super highly and without reservation.

George L.

God knows what you need and who you need. Michelle is definitely one of those persons! This has been a difficult time in the lives of my husband and I. Michelle goes above and beyond to do whatever she can to assist. If she doesn’t have access to it or have an answer she will find another resource to help resolve the issues that arise. Michelle is a person that you would want to have working with you and for you. I so appreciate the rapport and the authenticity she exudes. I would highly recommend Michelle Lawson to anyone!

Marcia W.

Corey has been a true Godsend during the stressful process of applying for Medicare and sorting out all the pitfalls that can go along with it. He helped my husband and I wade through the details so we could end up with the best possible coverage for our situations, even though we ended up with different plans. He actually also led me to a plan that he didn't even represent because it was the best one for my needs. He not only told me how to successfully sign up for the plan, but on top of that, he also got on a call with me to help rectify a problem that I was having trouble solving with the plan. His expert experience and natural and genuine way of dealing with people are a great asset and really make me feel confident that he has my back. If you need help navigating the Medicare system, give Corey a call, he'll have your back too!

Dee O.

If you ever need the caring and understanding of insurance and want to know about what will cover what is needed for your well being, Michelle is the One who cares and gets you the Best coverage that is needed for your needs. She goes up and beyond to help you, you can call and she always returns her calls and will assist you with what ever you have an issue with., She's The BLESSING and Corey Is also.

Lisa R.

Corey was so helpful. Knowledgeable. Able to answer all my questions and offer great advice. I didn't buy anything from him and he was still so willing to guide me through the Medicare maze. When I do need additional services, I am calling Corey.

Krysta H.

Corey did a great job explaining Medicare options and things both to consider and watch out for. Highly recommend Corey and plan on passing his name to friends & family.

Erin Q.